Travelling with Dogs: Pet Survival Kit

Travelling with Dogs: Pet Survival Kit

Sorry, the Zombie Apocalypse isn’t upon us but natural disasters, power cuts, undrinkable water or no water, are some things we are all familiar with, and could happen at anytime.

Our pets are important to us, so it stands to reason we should have provisions put aside for them, also.

If the power or roads were out, or you had to leave your home quickly, for whatever reason, are you prepared? As it can be a stressful time for all, including your pets.

Below is a list, of some of the main all seasons items, I personally have for Holly.

Have at least enough supplies to last for one week, or maybe longer. The more pets you have, the more supplies, you will need.  While the list below may seem daunting for some, you don’t have to rush out and buy everything at once, shop around, don’t get caught up in all the hype and pay over the top, outrageous prices for pre-packaged kits.

In fact, many of the items listed below, you probably already have more than one of. So just put any spares in your pets bag. Check out these links, Travelling with Dogs: Pet First Aid and Travelling with Dogs: Hot Days, Cool Dogs, for more items you may wish to add.

1. Water, make sure you have enough for a week.

2. Food, buy some canned food or pouches and before many of you throw your hands up in horror and say “I am not feeding that”. Canned food or pouches have a higher water content, so will reduce the amount of the water, your pet will need. A good idea is to buy some for your pet to try, to see what he/she likes or doesn’t like.

Keep in mind, if you feed a total dry food diet. your pet will need more water and don’t forget to include a can opener (non electric) in your kit.

3. Proof of ownership and vaccinations, ID Tags, papers etc

4. Spare leads/collars etc and some form of portable containment or tie out

5. First Aid Kit: Travelling with Dogs: Pet First Aid

6. Medications, if your pet is on any medication, make sure you have enough, so stock up.

7. Contact list, boarding kennels, friends, vets. (have them written down in a note book, not just on your phone)

8. Toys, blankets, towels, coats and anything to keep your pet happy.

9. Bowls for food and water, portable bowls are also a good option, as they are lighter and can be packed away, when not in use.

10. Pet waste Bags (poop bags)

11. A bag to store your pets kit in

Pet Survival Kit infographic by Pooching Around


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