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Dog Parks, Good or bad idea?

Dog Parks, Good or bad idea?

I am personally not a great fan of dog parks because when many dog owners (not all) see the sign “Dog Park” they think it gives them the right, to let their dogs, run amok with no consequences.

Dog Parks are specifically designed for dogs and their owners but they are no different, to any other Public Park that allows “Off Leash or On Leash Dogs” when it comes to the “Dog Control Act”, Manners & Etiquette, Common Sense and dog owners being aware, of where their dog is and what it is doing. Dog parks are not for all dogs.

Dogs like humans, can become stressed, distressed, fearful, overly excited or aggressive. While others may be bullied or be bullies.

Dogs need their owners to stand up, protect and watch out for them, even at the dog park. Same as you would look out for, and help a human friend, if they were in trouble or needed any kind of help.

All dogs speak to us, if we as humans choose to watch, listen and learn. If your dog is aggressive a dog park isn’t the place for it, same can be said if your dog is a bit nervy or fearful. Also, bitches on heat need to be kept away from any park.

I personally believe, dog parks should have information on dog park manners, etiquette & rules, posted by the gate entry, to the park, of what is expected from dog owners and their dogs, so everyone can have an enjoyable time, at the park.

In some states in the US they have compliance officers randomly visiting parks. They have the power to issue on the spot fines, if dog owners don’t have their dogs under control, in other words, their dogs are causing a nuisance or are problem. Also, in some US states, dog owners who wish to run their dog, off-leash are required to apply for an off leash licence. Food for thought NZ

Some of you may think I am anti off-leash dogs, in fact I am not, I am only anti dog owners, who do not have their dogs under control. Whether it be a dog park, park, beach, reserve or the like. If it is open to the public, everyone has the right to be there and enjoy their day, without being harassed by someone’s dog. Not all people love dogs, not all dogs, love other dogs, and so on.

I do believe, dog parks should have, separate areas for both small and big dogs, so they can  run around and play safely. Some big dogs may see smaller dogs as prey and may kill them, if given the chance. Before anyone throws their hands up in horror, it happens! Same may happen in a boarding kennel/doggy day care environment, if small and big dogs are run together.

That is why it is so important to have someone physically present, watching the dogs behaviour, at all times.

Below are a few links to articles and information on Dog Parks and Off & On-leash Pros & Cons.

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When is a Dog Park not a Dog Park? When its a Public Park or Reserve!

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Fledgling Kaka mauled to death by dog

Fledgling Kaka mauled to death by dog

Fledgling Kaka was mauled to death by a dog  it was found in Huntleigh Park in Ngaio, Wellington. This incident was reported in the New Zealand Herald on the 20/2/15.

All wildlife should be treated with respect as it is a privilege to see any wildlife, in its natural environment. Dog owners, who choose to take their dog with them on trips or outings, should have total control of their dog, at all times. The Dog Control Act  still applies. Dog owners are required by law to use or carry a leash in public .

I hate saying this but too many dog owners these days are too complacent and have a “she’ll be right attitude” it doesn’t matter where you are, or whether it be wildlife, a person or another dog, you need to have your “eyes wide open”, be aware of your surroundings and what is going on around you 100% of the time. Letting your dog run way a head of you or even out of sight, is not having your dog under control.

You should be able to call your dog back at a moments notice, If you don’t have a good recall on your dog, don’t have it off the lead.

If you are unsure as a dog owner what is expected of you, when you are out and about with your dog, please read the following articles.

When is a dog park not a dog park, when its a public park or reserve  and  Dog off lead but not under control and Dogs Wildlife and Human Complacency






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Eight year old boy in Hospital after being bitten by a dog, at Sunnynook Park in Auckland

Eight year old boy in Hospital after being bitten by a dog, at  Sunnynook Park in Auckland

Interestingly enough the dog was running around the park without a lead on, now this park has signs saying dogs must be leashed. Where was the owner, as there was no mention of the owner being present in the article.

Apparently the dog came up to the children, who were playing in the park and the boy tried to pat it and he got bitten on the face.

Dog Safety 101, you never approach a strange dog to pat it, as you never know what it may do, in other words leave the dog alone!

Having said that, Sunnynook Park is a public park and everyone has the right to enjoy their day out without the unwanted attention of an off leash dog.

Dog Owners need to wake-up, its not all about you and your dog! The Dog Control Act still applies, where ever you choose to take you dog, it must be under control at all times. Dog owners are required by law, to carry or have their dog leashed in a public place. As you are responsible for your dogs actions.

Click here to read Dog bite puts boy in hospital and When is a dog park not a dog park, when its a public park and Dogs off leash but not under control.





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