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Going away over the Christmas Holidays? Now is the time to start thinking about the needs of your dog. Boarding Kennel Stress in Dogs: Things owners need to know!

Going away over the Christmas Holidays? Now is the time to start thinking about the needs of your dog. Boarding Kennel Stress in Dogs: Things owners need to know!

With Christmas just a few months away, many people will be taking a holiday break and maybe going away. Now is the time to start thinking about your pets and who is going to look after them, if they can’t go with you. Dogs can and do get stressed, so if you are planning to leave your pets in a boarding facility, now is the time, to start looking around.

If your pets have never been boarded before, day stays and day/night stays are recommended and should really, be started now. Boarding kennel stress is real! Dogs become stressed the same as you and I and putting your dog into a boarding kennels, can be very stressful for them.

Imagine taking a young child to a strange place and leaving it with people it doesn’t know. The child will more often than not, become distressed and upset. The same thing, can and does happen to dogs.

I hope the enclosed link: Titled “Boarding Kennel Stress in Dogs: Things owners need to know!” will help and inform dog owners, so everyone including your pets, will have a stress free holiday.


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5 types of Supervision – Dogs & Babies, excellent video for all, whether you are a dog owner or not.

Great information for everyone on how to become more dog aware and see the signs of stress in dogs.

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Fake animal control officer grabs dog

Fake animal control officer grabs dog

This has just been reported on Stuff, so keep an eye on your dogs, make sure they are secure.

Fake animal control officer grabs dog

also read: dated 11 Dec 2014

Posh dog snatcher on loose 


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Dog attack in Rotorua last year, this could be you or your dog in this position, because of the lack of knowledge and basic common sense on the part of the child mother and friend they all got bitten.

I thought I would pick a reported Dog Attack from last year and break it down, without all the media hype and emotive comments.

Terrible though this is, this incident could have been avoided, whether the dog was registered or not, really doesn’t come into play, nor does the breed. This could happen with your dog because of the lack of knowledge and basic common sense, on the part of the child, mother and friend, they all got bitten.

Basic dog bite prevention/dog safety 101, “Never enter a garden/yard with a dog in it, to retrieve a ball or anything else, especially by climbing over the fence, the dog sees you as an intruder or a threat, always ask the owner, if the owner isn’t there, stay out” In other words you have lost your ball”!

Headlines read “Latest dog attack sparks warning”  Excerpt from the article:

“A dog attack in Rotorua that left three people injured is a reminder for canine owners and the public, says a Rotorua District Council Animal Control supervisor.

It is understood a boy jumped the fence of a neighbour’s Koutu property on Monday to retrieve a ball and was attacked by one of two unregistered dogs.

It was previously believed the dog which attacked the trio was registered. Police are investigating but as yet no charges have been laid.

The boy’s mother and her friend, both in their 20s, were also attacked when they went on to the property.”


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Dogs, Wildlife and Human Complacency

Dogs, Wildlife and Human Complacency




All wildlife should be treated with respect as it is a privilege to see any wildlife, in its natural environment. Dog owners, who choose to take their dog with them on trips or outings, should have total control of their dog, at all times. The Dog Control Act  still applies. Dog owners are required by law to use or carry a leash in public .

Although there are many responsible dog owners, there are many more who are not. Dog owners, with little or no control of their dogs are a meance. While some are just simply complacent, others just don’t seem to care.

I personally enjoy visiting new places and seeing new and interesting things but would I take my dog to every place I plan to visit, the straight answer, is NO. A bit of common sense is needed here. Depending where you are going, it may be best, to leave your dog at home.

I visited Cape Palliser and Lake Ferry yesterday. Cape Palliser  is in Wairarapa region of the North Island, New Zealand. One of the main features  of the Cape, is the permanent Fur Seal Colony. Like all wildlife, they should be treated with respect as it is a privilege for anyone to get a glimpse of these animals, in their natural environment. They may look “cute” lying on the rocks or swimming in the sea but they have the potential to harm you but what is worse, you and your dog, have the potential to harm them.

So this where common sense comes into play, did I take my dog with me, no I did not. Why? you may well ask,

1. it was a hot day

2. My dog could distress the seals and potentially something bad could happen

3. I can’t take photos and watch my dog at the same time

4. Having to keep an eye on my dog (even on a leash) and the seals, would stress me out.

I must admit I have a soft spot for Fur Seals and visit them as often as I can, like any animal they communicate via body language plus these guys are quite vocal. Contary to popular belief they can move quickly on land if they have to, If confronted they will try and get away if they can’t, you need to be able to get out of their way.

On the way back from the main colony, I saw these people from the road, what caught my eye was the off leash dog, hence the reason for writing this article..

1. The dog was unleashed and chasing the seal, the seal was trying to get out of the way

2. There were a couple of seals behind and off to the side, they could have attacked these people.

3. It was clear, either the people were unaware of the dangers or didn’t care.

4. As for the dog being off leash, no excuses there.

So be aware of your surroundings when you are out and about, Whether it be a Wetland, Beach, Bush or Park, all wildlife have the right to live and be there. Checkout the  Doc dog walking finder also to find places to walk your dog, Also some conservation area,  do not allow dogs.

If you see an out of control dog,  take photos, call DOC or animal control.

Also read “When is a dog park, not a dog park? When its a public Park or Reserve

Here are a few photos I took yesterday of the Fur Seals.




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Beyond Daily Dog Walks: Uba’s Story

notes from a dog walker

We do it every day (or at least we’re told we should be doing it every day), but do you ever stop to think about why we walk our dogs and if it’s really benefiting them?

As a professional dog walker, I can come up with tons of good reasons to take dogs for daily walks: for exercise, to go to the bathroom, to train them and teach them leash manners, to help them socialize with other dogs and people, to expose them to new things and environments, and to spend time enjoying their company.

But the truth is, for some dogs, going on walks isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And if that’s the case, there are lots of ways to meet the varying needs of dogs beyond the typical daily walk.

Last year at the BAD RAP Rescue Jam, I had the chance to meet Letti de Little, owner of former…

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How well do you supervise your dog when around kids or other people?


How well do you supervise your dog?

The other day New Zealand had its 1st reported dog attack for the year “Dogs attack women in Invercargill”  nothing to celebrate here.

While many owners are more aware of the dog safety risks, there are many more who are not. Calling for more education is a good start but lets face it, there are programs already out there such as school programs etc and the dog control act “owner responsibilities” information is readily available from councils, plus we all get a copy when we register our dogs but how many choose to read it, understand it or act upon it?

Dogs today are part of our lives, more so than ever before. We come it to contact with them on a daily basis we involve them in many aspects of our lives. They live in our homes, sleep on our beds and are generally part of the family. So its makes sense the risks increase, not so long ago dogs spent more time in their kennels and weren’t as social and they had jobs, today many dogs have lost the jobs, they were bred and born to do.

In my opinion dog safety education needs to be ramped up, its not just about kids & dogs, or responsible dog ownership, its about explaining what is expected from any dog owner and non dog owner, on how to act and behave when in the company of dogs. How to read a dogs body language, all dogs talk to you, if you chose to listen.

Whether it be in the home or away, its about correct socialization for both dogs and humans, its about keeping both dogs and humans safe, all too often people put dogs in situations they wouldn’t put themselves in, if the roles were reversed and expect them to behave.

People need to have their “Eyes Wide Open” and be aware of their surrounding and what is going on around them all the time. Unfortunately the word supervision for many these days, means casting a casual glance around, while doing something else, this is not effective supervision, things such as:

Talking and Texting on the phone

Chatting or having coffee, while your dog is left alone with kids or other adults, yes I said other adults, they also need to be know how to act and behave, when in the company of dogs.

Letting your dog off leash and not watching where its going or what its doing.

Having a family gatherings or party, you can’t be watching both your dog and what is going on around you all the time, your dog needs a safe place to go where it won’t be bothered. Dogs can become very stressed and people can do stupid things.

The list is endless,

Many dog bites/dog attacks can be avoided,  if people were more aware. Below is a great info graphic designed and published by Family Paws Parent Education on the 5 types of supervision.  Which one do you do the most?





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Algal bloom: its that time of year again, So keep an eye on your dog as it can make them ill

Summer is here again but just be aware there maybe Algal Bloom present in some rivers and waterways, it can make your dog very ill, so take precautions. Also check out your regional councils for the lastest updates in your area. For all of you in the Wairarapa please read:  Keeping your dog safe from algal bloom  By Vomle Springford  (regarding Henley Lake)

For anyone who hasn’t seen algal bloom before, this is what it looks like. I took these photos of the Algal Bloom in the Wetlands, at the Ashhurst. Domain.


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Death of dog in a hot car, it really does amaze me, how stupid and irresponsible some people can be.

This happened on boxing day, a border collie was found dead in its owners car. According to the news article, the owner had the dog locked in his car all day. Says, he forgot about his dog. Seriously, how can you forget about your dog, what if it had been a young child, although there is no difference, the outcome would have been the same. There is so much information and warnings out there about the consequences of leaving dogs, locked in any vehicle on a hot day. This death is a timely reminder, “hot cars kill dogs” If its a hot day, leave your dog at home, if you have to take your dog with you, make sure you have plenty of water, park in the shade, and make sure there’s enough ventilation and check back on your dog, often.


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The Dangers of Playing with Laser Lights

Very interesting article and a must read on the dangers of playing laser light games with your dog and the possible behaviour problems they can cause.

Paws Abilities

Howie* was an adorable little teddy bear of a dog. He wiggled as I sunk my hand into his plush, soft, curly fur. A delightful Cavachon, Howie adored people and loved to meet new friends. He sat beside me on the sofa, leaning into my touch. The room was dark other than a single lamp, the curtains not just drawn but clipped shut. Howie’s foster caregivers told me about his obsessions as we sat in the dim room, being careful not to move and throw shadows on the floor. I took notes, pausing occasionally to pet the little dog.

Howie was surrendered to the rescue when his self-injurious behavior became too much for his owners to handle. He was housetrained, friendly to people, and a delight with children. When he arrived at his foster caregiver’s home, he sported an oozing, open wound on his muzzle and nose. Howie was obsessed…

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