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Before you go jumping in, ask yourself, “Is a dog the right pet for me or in reality, would I be better off, owning a goldfish?

Before you go jumping in, ask yourself, “Is a dog the right pet for me or in reality, would I be better off, owning a goldfish?

Again, here is another post I wrote sometime ago, unfortunately it is still relevant today, with rescues, pounds & shelters seeing more dogs than ever, coming through their doors.

While you may love the idea of owning a dog, the reality maybe, you would be better off owning a goldfish. Why a goldfish you may ask, well goldfish don’t demand the same level of time and commitment from you, as a dog does.

Ask any rescue, shelter or pound and they will tell you, the continuous number of puppies & dogs, coming through their doors, isn’t slowing down.

In our consumer driven society, dogs seem to be another thing that get thrown on the heap, when the novelty has worn off. Many are in love with the idea of having a dog but the reality is, they are work, they are not “something” you leave in your backyard and ignore.

Dogs are fun and great to have around, they make wonderful companions but they will change your life as you know it, for many years to come. Whether you decide on a puppy, adult dog or a dog from rescue or shelter, you could be looking at a 10-15years + commitment, depending on the breed and age of the dog.

Are you ready for that?

So as a prospective dog owner, you have to think carefully about:

1. Your Lifestyle

Are you home a lot or do you spend a lot of time away?

Do you work long hours, are you always busy? If you are too busy, then owning a dog probably won’t be your top priority.

Do you own your own home or are you renting? (rental properties often don’t allow dogs)

Dogs are a 365 day a year commitment, to build up a good relationship and to enrich their lives, they need time spent with them everyday. Whether its training, going for a walk or playing games, Being tired or busy is no excuse for not spending time with your dog.  In fact, dogs can be great stress relievers, they are a good excuse as well, for turning off your phone, TV or computer for a while.

2. What breed of dog is right for you

All I can say on this is, do your research, don’t be swayed by, the latest TV or Movie star dog, they may look cool on-screen but don’t be fooled, these dogs are well-trained. Don’t get sucked in by that “cute” puppy look, all dogs look “cute” when they are puppies but they soon grow up and loose that “cute” look.

Some breeds may need to be groomed regularly, while others may need more exercise, so if you are not into grooming or running/walking a couple or so kilometres a day, be smart, don’t get a dog that requires grooming or a lot of exercise. Dogs don’t just need exercise & training they also need their minds enriched as well, so just walking your dog, isn’t really enough.

3. Costs 

Well dogs are not free, they come with costs, you have purchase costs, food bills (they need to eat) veterinary costs, that could be for anything, such as, vaccinations, operations, check ups, flea treatments, worming treatments etc

Then there is housing, where are you going to keep your dog, inside or outside or both. You may need to look at purchasing a kennel & run, or securing your property by altering or improving the fencing.

Then there’s bedding, collar, lead, toys, dog crate, registration, training, boarding/house sitter, if you want to go away. Grooming, dog walking, if you employ a dog walker, doggy day care, and the list goes on.

4. Damages

Ask any dog owner and they will tell you, dogs can chew, so be prepared for possible chewed furniture, clothes, shoes and the like, oh and I forgot TV remotes, just to name a few. If you get a puppy the chances are you will have accidents in the house, while house training, if your dog becomes ill, the same can happen, along with being sick, on your good carpet. All par for the course when you own a dog.

So if you are not phased by any of the above, dog ownership maybe right for you but if any of the above make you think twice, then owning a dog at this time, may not be, right for you.

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Things Dog Owners need to do, to help make their dogs stay, in a boarding kennels, a happy one

Things Dog Owners need to do, to help make their dogs stay, in a boarding kennels, a happy one

I have been monitoring the number of hits ( which are quite high) I have been receiving on both of my articles “Boarding Kennel Stress in Dogs: Things owners need to know!” & “Tips for boarding anxious/nervy dogs” there seems to be a lot of concerned owners out there.

Unfortunately, even now, it still never ceases to amaze me, how many dog owners ring me and ask if I have room to board their dog and their dog has never been in kennels before. Dogs need to be introduced to a kennel environment early on, not at the last-minute. They need time to adjust and get used to a new environment, besides the kennel you choose, may not be the right one, for your dog.

Many Boarding Kennels, not all, leave dogs to exercise in groups unsupervised, If dogs are run in groups there should be someone physically present, at all times to watch out for signs of, stress, distress, aggression. Always ask, how the kennel exercises the dogs.

Click on the link below to read what can happen, when dogs are left unsupervised.

Please take the time to read the above articles and:

Things Dog Owners need to do, to help make their dogs stay in a boarding kennel a happy one

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Moving On: Property for Sale. Great place for Dogs! Although, I will still be around training dogs.

Well its time for a change, I have decided to move on, so I am selling my property, kennels included. Although, I will still be around training dogs.

Great place, if you have dogs or want to run a part-time business from home. The land area is 2023m2 (half-acre) a good portion of it has been divided into six areas of varying sizes, all are chain linked or deer fenced up to 2m high. Can house up to 14 dogs. Kennels are walk-in & portable. There is also an outside room & run attached to the house. Which I have used as a whelping room.

The house has 3 bedrooms 1 bathroom & garage and I am in the process renovating parts of the house.

The property is located 13 Stanley Street, Woodville, Tararua district, Manawatu/Wanganui region. Asking Price $105,000

Woodville is only 25 minutes from Palmerston North & Dannevirke, so very centrally located.

If you are only interested in the house and land, I am open to negotiation.

Genuine Buyers only. No time wasters. If you would like to view the property, please fill out the form below. So I may can contact you and we can arrange a time, for you to view the property.

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The Financial Costs of Boarding Your Dog

The Financial Costs of Boarding Your Dog

The financial cost of boarding your dog, may vary from place to place. In the Manawatu for example its anything from $12-$30 per day.

You will find most kennels also charge an extra surcharge, if you board your dog during public holidays, such as Christmas or if your dog has not been spayed or neutered.

You may also find, many kennels may ask you to bring your dog in for day stays, if your dog hasn’t been in a kennel environment before. There is a good reason for that.

Please read my Kennel Stress articles on this blog, they will tell you everything you need to know regarding stress in dogs.

Some may also have a policy of not taking certain breeds of dogs. Most will not take dog aggressive dogs, as they are not setup to do so.

If you are going away on holiday, dog boarding costs need to be factored into your holiday budget and seeking out a boarding kennel needs to be done sooner rather than later.

I am still surprised by how many people don’t do this, they wait and then ring around a couple of weeks prior to them leaving to go on holiday, looking for a kennel to board their dog and asking for a discount to boot, which personally I think is a bit rude.

If you are interested in boarding your dog with me:

Click the link below: I take all breeds, dog aggressive dogs, entire dogs & bitches, no surcharges for public holidays and dogs are all individually walked twice a day by me, for hour in total.


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Boarding Kennel Stress: Tips for boarding an anxious/nervy dog

Boarding Kennel Stress: Tips for boarding an anxious/nervy dog

Tips for anxious/nervy dogs

So you have an anxious/nervy dog who needs to go into a dog boarding facility, what do you do?

Leave it to the last minute and expect your dog to be ok. Yes well, you can do that. It still suprises me how many owners do, even though, they know their dog displays this behaviour.

Staying in a boarding kennels can be stressful for any dog but even more so for dog who is anxious and nervy. The wellbeing of your dog should be your main concern, so in the case of anxious, nervy dogs, dogs who need more space or dogs who have separation issues, a few visits/stays maybe required. As they need more time to adjust. Their experiences have to be good ones, depending on the dog.

To read more click on the link: Boarding Kennel Stress: Tips for boarding an anxious/nervy dog

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Circovirus: New Emerging Virus which has been linked to multiple dog deaths in the US

Circovirus: New Emerging Virus which has been linked to multiple dog deaths in the US

Just a heads up there’s a new virus outhere, its killed quite a few dogs in the US. Don’t think its made its way to NZ yet but I thought I would let everyone know. Its a Circovirus. Here’s the link for more information:

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Koolhound Dog Boarding Kennels. Just a few photos of the dogs I have had staying with me in June & July 2013

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KoolHound Dog Boarding Kennels

Here’s a few photos of some of the dogs I have had staying with me in May.


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Pet Photography: Focused Fotos

Having fun at the river
Pet Photography:
We all love our pets, they are a big part of our life, they are great company and always manage to make us laugh, even when we are down. If you would like have some great photos of your best friend.
or my website:

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Urban Dog Agility for reactive dogs in Ashhurst 26/5/13

I was pleased with the girls today, they went really well, all are reactive but have greatly improved. They have trained with me & Bruno and a couple have boarded with me also. They all acknowledged each other but were kept at a safe distance. all had their own space. They worked really well and had alot of fun. I managed to slowly reduce the space between them and because they were distracted, we had no issues. Of course a careful eye was kept on them at all times. Will add more photos in the coming weeks.


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