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“Hi Its’s ok I am Friendly”, the stranger said, as he ran up to you, with his arms wide open, ready to hug you. How would that make you feel?

“Hi Its’s ok I am Friendly”, the stranger said, as he ran up to you, with his arms wide open, ready to hug you. How would that make you feel?

Dogs need space, same as we do, Imagine if a total stranger were to come running up to you shouting “Hi its ok, I am friendly” then proceeded to try and hug you, invading your personal space, how would it make you feel?, would you feel threatened, frightened, scared or uncomfortable? What would you do? Try to move away, tell that person to back-off and if they didn’t, maybe lash out. You would consider that person to have no manners or respect. In other words unacceptable behaviour.

Dogs are no different, they need their our own space too. Yet many dogs have to put up with that kind of behaviour from other dogs, on a daily basis, who’s owners think its ok, to let their dog barge right on up, while shouting “Its ok my dog is friendly” without asking, if its ok to do so.

Its all about manners and respect, we as humans expect to be shown some manners and respect and dogs are no different.


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Algal bloom: its that time of year again, So keep an eye on your dog as it can make them ill

Summer is here again but just be aware there maybe Algal Bloom present in some rivers and waterways, it can make your dog very ill, so take precautions. Also check out your regional councils for the lastest updates in your area. For all of you in the Wairarapa please read:  Keeping your dog safe from algal bloom  By Vomle Springford  (regarding Henley Lake)

For anyone who hasn’t seen algal bloom before, this is what it looks like. I took these photos of the Algal Bloom in the Wetlands, at the Ashhurst. Domain.


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