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How do I keep my dog happy, When walking isn’t her no 1? Flash Dog Training Special, (Blog Only) 6pm Friday 27th – 6pm Sunday 29th. Manawatu Region Only

How do I keep my dog happy, When walking isn’t her no 1? Flash Dog Training Special, (Blog Only) 6pm Friday 27th – 6pm Sunday 29th. Manawatu Region Only

Today most dogs have lost the jobs they were bred and born to do. Dogs like humans they need mental stimulation, otherwise they may  become bored, destructive, depressed or stressed.

Although walking your dog is good exercise, a bit of mental stimulation, will help keep them happy as well as, tire them out.  Mental stimulation can help them focus and listen to you more and if the weather is really bad, you can keep them occupied at home.

End result, a happy tired dog and we all would like our dogs to be happy.

Welcome to my new flash monthly, dog training special post. Every month I will be offering for 2 days only, blog only special. To take advantage of any of the flash specials. The form below needs to be filled out and emailed to me, within the time stated above.  Training will be held in the Ashhurst Domain, Palmerston North.

So to kick off January 2017, I am offering a 1 hour introductory class for $10. Limited numbers, Maximum no 6. Class will commence on Sunday 5th February @ 11.30am.

Titled: “Enrichment games for your dog” These games also mean lots of FUN for you and your dog and can be played around the home or when you are out and about. We will be looking at scent games & canine parkour as well as interesting things to do with milk bottles and ice cream containers.

This class is not suitable for dog aggressive dogs. However, aggressive dogs can benefit greatly, so if your dog is aggressive, I am more than happy to teach you and your dog privately. (cost $40) 

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Dogs, Chicken & Boxes = FUN

Dogs, Chicken & Boxes = FUN

Dogs, chicken & boxes = Fun scent work for you and your dog.  Scent work is a great workout for dogs, it can be both mentally and physically challenging. It can be done indoors or outdoors, so if the weather isn’t that great and your dog is chomping at the bit and maybe driving you crazy, hiding a few treats around the house can give your dog a bit of a work out.

Today we decided to hide chicken in the boxes, they didn’t need a lot of motivation to go and hunt it out. We placed the chicken under and in the boxes, on trees and around a car. below is a few photos I took today of the dogs having a great time, in fact we all had a good time.

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Introduction to Canine Parkour (Urban Agility) Class Starts Sunday 29th March @ 11am in Ashhurst, Class will run for 90 minutes.

Introduction to Canine Parkour (Urban Agility) Class Starts Sunday 29th March @ 11am in Ashhurst, Class will run for 90 minutes.

Urban Dog Agility also known as canine parkour is a great way for you and your dog to exercise and have lots of fun by using natures obstacles and everyday objects you come across, while out on your daily walk.

Some basic obedience knowledge is required but there are no barriers, with a little adaptation and imagination, all breeds and ages can do this.
You will be surprised what you and your dog can achieve. Combined with obedience training, it will strengthen your communication and training skills. Both you and your dog will become more confident, in everyday situations. Even nervy and reactive dogs can benefit by participating in Urban Agility because your dog will be focused on you and what you are asking it to do.
This is a introductory class and will run for 90 minutes, Cost $30, if you would like to attend, please fill out the form below or message me on Facebook.
This is not an obedience class all dogs must have some basic level of obedience.
If your dog is dog aggressive/reactive: I will need to meet you both before joining the class. To determine whether or not a class situation is suitable at that time, for you and your dog. Prior, one on one private training with one of my training dogs, maybe necessary before joining a class.
I will be holding a class for reactive dogs later on if there is enough interest.
To read more click on Canine Parkour

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You’re Not Alone: The Difficult Pet Support Group

You’re Not Alone: The Difficult Pet Support Group

I think “The Difficult Pet Support Group” is a great idea and will help a lot of pet owners.

notes from a dog walker

When I found about the The Difficult Pet Support Group created by fellow dog walker and pet sitter, Rachel Bow of Ruff Mutts, I couldn’t wait to learn more about this Portland, OR resource.

As many of you have experienced, living with a pet who has behavioral or medical issues can be challenging, and is often exhausting and isolating. So I’m thrilled to see that pet owner support groups which focus on supporting families with “difficult” pets are becoming more widespread. I asked Rachel to tell me more about her group and here’s what she had to say:

Jessica: Can you start off by sharing a bit about the group? 

Rachel: Sure! The Difficult Pet Support Group is a monthly peer-to-peer support group for people loving and living with a difficult pet in Portland, OR. Enid Traisman, the Director of the DoveLewis Pet Loss Support Group and who’s been working in the field…

View original post 1,088 more words

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A big thank you to HAVEN animal support services Palmy-Wellington and Pretty Pitties and Other Mischief Makers for inviting Zerobites Dog Training to their 1st Annual Dog Awareness Family Fun Day today.

A big thank you to HAVEN animal support services Palmy-Wellington and Pretty Pitties and Other Mischief Makers for inviting Zerobites Dog Training to their 1st Annual Dog Awareness Family Fun Day today.

It was a great day, I met a lot of very cool dogs and their owners, including Hazel the Pitbull, visit her on Facebook.

Frankie and I did a Canine Parkour Demo, it was quite warm so we didn’t do too much but we had fun.

I would like to thank Bridget and Jamie for letting Frankie come and hangout with me today and Llyvonne for being my go to person and camera assistant.

Here are a few photos I took today. The Canine Parkour photos were taken by Llyvonne.

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Is a high energy dog right for you?

Now is the time of year, many people look at adding a new addition to their family, often cuteness wins out over common sense. All puppies are cute but they don’t stay that way for long. Before buying a dog, research the breed, ask yourself if you have the time or the energy, especially if you decide to get a high energy dog. They need to be worked, they like and need to be doing something, 365 days of the year. A bored dog can be very frustrating and destructive because today, many dogs have lost the jobs, they were bred and born to do.

The article “How to live with a High Energy Dog without loosing your mind” is funny and informative and a must read for anyone, who is looking to add a four legged canine friend, to their family.

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Get fit With Your Dog

Taking your dog out is a great way to get fit and have some fun at the same time. Whether your dog is big or small there is always lots of  things you can do together. Keep in mind the breed and age of your dog, for example, young dogs shouldn’t be running non stop, for long distances because it may cause bone or ligament damage. Here is a great article written by the late Sophia Yin titled : A New Year’s Resolution for You and Your Pooch: Get Fit with your Dog 

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Support, Haven Animal Support Services, Palmerston North & Wellington’s Raffle



Haven Support Services Palmerston North & Wellington


Hey folks Haven is having a raffle, ticket sales will be starting tomorrow October 25th and the draw will be held on December 23rd.
The raffle has 2 prize groups Dog owner and Cat owner each consisting of a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.

Tickets can be purchased online by sending money to ANZ Bank Haven Animal Support Services 06-0729-0645233-00 please specify which prize group your interested in or can be purchased from a Haven representative please message the page to find someone near you also tickets can be purchased at any Haven fundraising event.
Tickets are $3 each. Click on the link below:

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The First Annual Dog Awareness Family Fun Day Horowhenua/Manawatu, Sunday 22nd February 2015

Holben/TeWharangi Reserve, Foxton Beach Horowhenua

Gold Coin Donation

HAVEN Animal support services Palmy-Wellington and Pretty Pitties and Other Mischief Makers are proud to present you with the two regions First Annual Dog Awareness Family Fun Day :). The aim of the day is to raise funds for both non profit organizations, whilst providing a family filled fun day, where you learn about our breed of the year and new things to do with your dog!
Our breed of the year is: Pit Bulls! Any breed of dog is welcome at this event, if the owners follow our simple safety rules :). (Rules at bottom)There will be stalls of all kinds doggy minded things!
Bouncy Castles for the kids!
Canine Parkour Demo!
Pit Bull a Tail of a Breed of Dog Presentation!
Sausage Sizzle!
Fun Dog Comps!
Special Guest: Hazel the Pit Bull and her family!
And much much more!

•All dogs must be on non retractable leads

•Dogs must comply Council and national dog Bylaws.

•Female dogs in any state of heat will not be admitted.

•Protect your dog by bringing a water bowl and bottle for yourself.

•When giving treats do so in a way that does not inadvertently cause fights or altercations between dogs.

•Be sure to bring a clean up bag, you will be responsible for cleaning up after your dog.

•Remember, it’s rain or shine, and often does both. Dress appropriately and watch out for dehydration in you and your pooch.

•Kids under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

•Maximum of two (2) dogs per adult human.

•Aggressive dogs will not be admitted.

•NO dogs left in Cars!!!

•Please respect and be considerate of others and dogs-don’t assume we do everything the same or have the same temperaments.

•This is a positive, informative family event any anti social or upsetting behavior will be dealt with accordingly.

•No Alcohol, Smoking or Drugs NO EXCEPTIONS

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Poison suspected in dog deaths

Poison suspected in dog deaths

Animal control staff are warning Palmerston North pet owners to be cautious when taking their dogs to the Bridle Track after two suspected poisonings in the area. To read more click on the link:

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