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Is your dog a fussy eater?

I personally like my dogs eat anything I put in front of them, I am not big on fussy eaters, unless they are sick or have allergies to certain foods. For example, my boy Zues (above)  loves chicken but chicken doesn’t love him, chicken brings him out in a rash.

I feed my dogs twice a day and chicken isn’t on the menu for any of them, they all get the same food and yes, just like humans they do like a change, so I vary what I feed them. I have never really had a fussy eater but as with anything, dogs love routine, so to make everyone’s life easier, including my own, I started out and still do, feed twice a day, if the food isn’t eaten within 15 minutes, I pick it up and they don’t get fed again, until its time for the next meal.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving food down for your dog all day, this just encourages your dog to graze. it also means you can’t gauge how much your dog is really eating. It can also make house training harder, especially in young dogs and can cause excessive weight gain.

Always leave water out for your dog and dogs who eat mainly dry food, do consume more water than dogs who are fed completely wet or a mix of wet and dry food. Remember, it is your dogs choice whether he/she chooses to eat or not, unless your dog is ill.

Teaching Your Dog To Eat  by Sue Ailsby  is an interesting article and worth a read, if you have a fussy eater or you don’t want a fussy eater.




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