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A big “Thank You” to all who supported ZeroBites Dog Training blog, in 2016.

A big “Thank You” to all who supported ZeroBites Dog Training blog, in 2016.

ZeroBites Dog Training blog had a good year, come the 31st December 2016. Zerobites had 41,546 visitors and 59,859 views. To celebrate I am offering a “Blog only Special” (Manawatu Region Only) for a limited time only.

From 9am Friday 6th January to 6pm Sunday 8th January 2017

Private Dog Training (one on one)  to help you with any basic behaviour or training problems, you maybe having with your dog

(Aggression issues are not included, as more time and work is needed) 

Training will be held in either Ashhurst or Woodville

I will be offering one 2 hour, dog training session


two 1 hour, dog training sessions, for $89.00 including FAQ sheets. This is a great deal, for a limited time only, usual price $160. Offer closes 6pm, Sunday 8th January 2017.

Please fill out the form below, if you would like me to help you, with your dog.

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Does your dog eat grass?

Does your dog eat grass?

I am often asked “why does my dog eat grass”? Most dogs eat grass at sometime or another. I have noticed even with my dogs, they only eat certain types of grass, I found a very good article written by Stanley Coren Ph.D F.R.S.C. Why Dogs Eat Grass—a Myth Debunked which I hope will answer many of your questions.


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Dog Training/Behaviour Modification Discount Special: Save $40 Now only $120, Valid until 31st December 2014

Dog Training/Behaviour Modification Discount Special: Save $40 Now only $120, Valid until 31st December 2014

These training sessions focus on a specific problem you maybe having, with your dog.
One 2 hour training session or 2 one hour training sessions, whichever you prefer.
Training held in Woodville & Ashhurst

Dog Training & Behaviour Modification Special
Usual price $160 special price $120

Specific Problems such as:
Jumping Up
Digging holes
Breed specific problems
Seperation related problems
Not coming when called
Destructive behaviour
Pulling on the lead
Or any other problems you maybe having except Dog aggression through experience, modifying an aggressive dogs behaviour and teaching you how to handle your dog in any given situation, takes alot more time and work.

If you have an aggressive dog and want to modifiy its behaviour, I do achieve very good results but i would suggest taking advantage of the my discount coupon special:
5 1 hour training sessions, usual price $350 with discount $290. Don’t forget to quote the coupon no.See link below:

So Call Now!
06 3765023 : 027 7216823
visit: or fill out the form below:

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Dog Training Discount Coupon Valid 31st October 2014: $60 Off Complete Dog Training/Behaviour Modification Program. Usual Price $350 with Discount $290 for 5 private training sessions

Dog Training Discount Coupon Valid 31st October 2014: $60 Off Complete Dog Training/Behaviour Modification Program. Usual Price $350 with Discount $290 for 5 private training sessions

$60 Off Complete Dog Training/Behaviour Modification Program

5 1 hour private (one on one) training sessions, Usual price $350, with coupon $290

Covers, Any unwanted dog behaviour, including aggression, obedience/puppy training.

If your dog is dog aggressive, you and your dog, will initially be working with my training dogs.

Dog Bite Prevention/Dog Safety, Dog Control Act education, is included in all training courses.

Print or quote coupon number when calling and Save!

Contact me today: 06 3765024 : 027 7216823
Coupon link below:



Hi Elayne,

Just thought I would relay an experience Glen and I had the other night while walking Lulu. We decided to go the other way to normal, down our street towards the main highway, many more houses, and it was dark too. We passed a house going one way and their dogs went berserk, and had to pass it on the way home and one jumped the fence and tried it’s best to get to us. I had food in my pocket and ended up throwing 4 handfuls at it to distract it, and Lulu was great during the whole mess – Glen had her leash, and she was definitely agitated but not aggressive back. Scared the bejesus out of me – certainly got my heart rate up, but we both felt all the lessons had paid off in one fell swoop.

Once again, our huge thanks for your guidance. Robyn, Foxton

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Dogue de Bordeaux: Mr Photogenic “Zues”

Zues is a Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff) he came to me from the Dogue rescue. He is alot of fun but doesn’t like having his photo taken. So, I am quite pleased when I manage to get a decent photo of him.

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Urban Dog Agility Classes – Ashhurst, Palmerston North June 30th @ 2pm

Urban Dog Agility also known as canine parkour is a great way for you and your dog to exercise and have lots of fun by using natures obstacles and everyday objects you come across, while out on your daily walk.

Some basic obedience knowledge is required but there are no barriers, with a little adaptation and imagination, all breeds and ages can do this.

You will be surprised what you and your dog can achieve. Combined with obedience training, it will strengthen your communication and training skills. Both you and your dog will become more confident, in everyday situations. Even nervy and reactive dogs can benefit by participating in Urban Agility because your dog will be focused on you and what you are asking it to do.
To see more photos of my current classes. Come and join in the fun

Cost: $50 4 x 1 hour sessions

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Dog Training Classes Ashhurst, Palmerston North Sunday 30th June @ 1pm

Dog Training Classes, Ashhurst, 30 June 2013
Sunday 30th June held in the Ashhurst Domain Start time: 1pm

Does your dog take you for a walk? Won’t come when called or generally won’t listen to you? Then come along to my basic obedience and behaviour classes. Where you will learn how to handle and train your dog.You will receive expert training and advice from an expert dog trainer and behaviourist.

You and your dog will have a lot of fun. Small classes, so you will receive more one on one attention and training. Maximum classes size: 5. The course runs for 4 weeks and FAQ sheets are included in the price. So come and join me.

Cost: $100

If you would like more information, visit my website or call ZeroBites Dog Training 06 3765024.

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