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How to Introduce dogs and cats to each other



I have had a few inquiries lately on how to introduce cats and dogs. So I thought I would repost this article.

The ideal way of course is to have both the puppy and kitten grow up together. Dogs and cats can become great friends but just like with people, there are some who may not get along, no matter what you try to do. I have both cats and dogs and yes some play well together and some don’t.

It can take a while for your cat and dog to become used to being around each other, there are no quick fixes, it could take weeks or even months. One of the main things not to do, is try to force your cat and dog to meet each other, they have to do it on their own terms. Both the cat and dog need their own space, somewhere safe where they can go. A dog crate is ideal for your dog and the cats need a bolt hole too, such as another room or the like.

When first introducing your dog to your cat, make sure the cat is safe in another room and your dog is on the leash, you must have control of the situation, so you need to be confident in what you are doing as there really is no room, for human error.

If your dog isn’t great at listening or focusing on you, work needs to be done, obedience training and enrichment games such as Canine Parkour will help with that. You need to have your dogs full attention.

So now it begins, let your cat out of the room and let it wander around, you should have your dog on a lead and focusing on you, have it sit, if your dog starts jumping around make it sit and tell it to Leave It” if it starts barking tell it to be “Quiet” if that doesn’t work, try some water and vinegar in a squirt bottle. Squirt it in your dogs face. The dog crate is also a useful tool, crate your dog and let the cat in the room to wander around.  You have to be watching all the time in other words no distractions. If your dog starts barking you can also cover the crate so the dog can’t see, until it calms down. Depending on your circumstances the introductions may have to be little and often. If you are out all day, never leave the cat and dog home alone together. Make sure they are both safe and away from each other.

After a few weeks of constant and consistent training, you maybe able to let your dog off the leash or out of the crate with a muzzle on and watch how the cat and dog interact.

Some may think this is harsh or not fair on the dog but its better than finding your cat dead. Even after all this training, your dog and cat maybe ok when you are around but when you are not around, all bets are off.

I personally have a dog in the house with me, who killed a cat in his past life before he came to live with me, that was why he was rehomed.

My cat has grown up with dogs but it took her 3 weeks before she even came to check Zues out. I used the crate or put him in the kennel when I was’t around. After quite a long time they lost interest in each other,

I corrected Zues every time he even looked at my cat the wrong way. Now I can leave both of them, home alone together. They are not friends but they tolerate each other and both have their own space. I have on occasion caught them sleeping together, if you can call it that, Zues at one end of his couch and Turbo at the other.

Here are a couple of good articles, one written by Ed Fawley, from Leerburg Dog Training and the other by HEART animal rescue and adoption team Inc

Introducing Dogs or Puppies into Homes with Cats by Ed Fawley

Introducing a new cat to Pets  by HEART






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The New Invention EVERY Dog Owner Needs

A very good but true, tongue in cheek video from Dog Matters Dog Training, Bundaberg, Queensland Australia.

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Dog Attacked this morning on the River Walk Pathway, between Ashhurst and Raukawa Road, Ashhurst, Palmerston North

IMG_6456This morning I received a call from a client. She told me, while she was out walking her dog this morning, her dog was attacked by an off leash dog.

The dog came up from behind and latched on to her dog.(her dog was on a leash). The owner of the dog was jogging along the pathway with another leashed dog in tow. My client told me he ran up and said “dogs never done that before” then he told her “he usually checks to see if anyone is on the track before, he lets the dog off” He then slipped a leash on his dog and ran off. Leaving both my client and her dog traumatized by the incident.

This shouldn’t have happened, dog owner, complacency and a “she’ll be right attitude” have again played a major part in this incident.

This pathway is for everyone to enjoy, if you take your dog for a walk along here, it must be on a leash. There’s plenty of signage, so ignorance is no excuse.


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Off Leash Dogs in Public Areas: no manners, common sense or are some just confused!

Off Leash Dogs in Public Areas: no manners, common sense or are some just confused!

I am not sure whether some dog owners are confused, don’t give a toss or don’t have any common sense or manners, when it comes to walking their off leash dog, in public areas.

Whether its a dog park, beach, reserve or park if these places are open to the public, by public I mean everyone, off leash dogs must be kept under control, just because the sign says OFF LEASH doesn’t give dog owners the right, to let their dog wander around and annoy other people or dogs.

Dogs off leash, must be kept under continuous control at all times as per the Dog Control Act. Common sense and manners is called for here, if you see your dog wandering off or annoying someone else, call it back and leash your dog or better yet, leash your dog beforehand. As an owner of a off leash dog you are liable for anything your dog does, as it is your responsibility to keep your dog under control.

If your dog does run off and won’t come back, don’t just stand there calling it, put one foot in front of the other and go and get your dog. Don’t just stand and watch while some other person has to deal with your dog, like I had to do yesterday.

The lady in question just stood there calling her dog, which had no intentions of going back to her, I asked her to put it on a lead, she said she would, if it came back to her. Not quite sure of the logic there, still trying to work that one out.  Then she said the signs says “Off Leash” I said yes it does but this is a public park and your dog must be kept under control.

So it seems to me, she was clearly confused, so maybe its time the councils added some more information to their “OFF LEASH” signs, such as “Dogs must be kept under continuous control at all times” By doing that, they may lessen the confusion.

Unfortunately, the above incident isn’t an isolated event, it seems to be happening more and more and It does make me wonder, if an off leash dog did cause a problem for someone else, how many dog owners would stand up and take responsibility for their dogs actions. (keeping in mind its not the dogs fault) or would they just grab their dog and disappear. Below are links to more relevant articles.

Dog off leash but not under control & When is a dog park not a dog park, when its a public park or reserve

Dogs, Wildlife &  Human Complacency

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Dogs, Wildlife and Human Complacency

Dogs, Wildlife and Human Complacency




All wildlife should be treated with respect as it is a privilege to see any wildlife, in its natural environment. Dog owners, who choose to take their dog with them on trips or outings, should have total control of their dog, at all times. The Dog Control Act  still applies. Dog owners are required by law to use or carry a leash in public .

Although there are many responsible dog owners, there are many more who are not. Dog owners, with little or no control of their dogs are a meance. While some are just simply complacent, others just don’t seem to care.

I personally enjoy visiting new places and seeing new and interesting things but would I take my dog to every place I plan to visit, the straight answer, is NO. A bit of common sense is needed here. Depending where you are going, it may be best, to leave your dog at home.

I visited Cape Palliser and Lake Ferry yesterday. Cape Palliser  is in Wairarapa region of the North Island, New Zealand. One of the main features  of the Cape, is the permanent Fur Seal Colony. Like all wildlife, they should be treated with respect as it is a privilege for anyone to get a glimpse of these animals, in their natural environment. They may look “cute” lying on the rocks or swimming in the sea but they have the potential to harm you but what is worse, you and your dog, have the potential to harm them.

So this where common sense comes into play, did I take my dog with me, no I did not. Why? you may well ask,

1. it was a hot day

2. My dog could distress the seals and potentially something bad could happen

3. I can’t take photos and watch my dog at the same time

4. Having to keep an eye on my dog (even on a leash) and the seals, would stress me out.

I must admit I have a soft spot for Fur Seals and visit them as often as I can, like any animal they communicate via body language plus these guys are quite vocal. Contary to popular belief they can move quickly on land if they have to, If confronted they will try and get away if they can’t, you need to be able to get out of their way.

On the way back from the main colony, I saw these people from the road, what caught my eye was the off leash dog, hence the reason for writing this article..

1. The dog was unleashed and chasing the seal, the seal was trying to get out of the way

2. There were a couple of seals behind and off to the side, they could have attacked these people.

3. It was clear, either the people were unaware of the dangers or didn’t care.

4. As for the dog being off leash, no excuses there.

So be aware of your surroundings when you are out and about, Whether it be a Wetland, Beach, Bush or Park, all wildlife have the right to live and be there. Checkout the  Doc dog walking finder also to find places to walk your dog, Also some conservation area,  do not allow dogs.

If you see an out of control dog,  take photos, call DOC or animal control.

Also read “When is a dog park, not a dog park? When its a public Park or Reserve

Here are a few photos I took yesterday of the Fur Seals.




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Loose dogs attack and injure guide dog, owner left vulnerable

Here is a very sad story of about a visually impaired women, who’s guide dog was attacked while she was out walking with her. This lady was left vulnerable to attack as well. Another very good reason why dogs should be kept under control at all times. This could happen to you and your dog!
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Local Dog Owner Struggling with Off-Leash Addiction

A rather amusing article about an off leash dog and its owner.

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Urban Dog Agility Classes – Ashhurst, Palmerston North June 30th @ 2pm

Urban Dog Agility also known as canine parkour is a great way for you and your dog to exercise and have lots of fun by using natures obstacles and everyday objects you come across, while out on your daily walk.

Some basic obedience knowledge is required but there are no barriers, with a little adaptation and imagination, all breeds and ages can do this.

You will be surprised what you and your dog can achieve. Combined with obedience training, it will strengthen your communication and training skills. Both you and your dog will become more confident, in everyday situations. Even nervy and reactive dogs can benefit by participating in Urban Agility because your dog will be focused on you and what you are asking it to do.
To see more photos of my current classes. Come and join in the fun

Cost: $50 4 x 1 hour sessions

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Dog Behaviour Problems

Dog behaviour problems seem to be on the increase, especially aggression, if you have a problem do something about it right away. As with any behaviour or training issues there are no quick fixes, Work has to be done on a daily basis. There’s no such thing as a quick fix, it can take lot of time (depending on the problem) and effort, on the part, of the owner.

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Urban Dog Agility: Woodville Weeks 1 & 2

Everyone had a really great time, not just good for kids, the dogs and thier owners loved it too. A bit different, different surfaces to walk on, steps, bmx course, skateboard ramp, bollards (great for weaving), there is so much to do at this park.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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