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Do Dogs Bite Out of the Blue?

Do Dogs Bite Out of the Blue?

Very good article, and again a must read. Will help to reduce the number of reported dog bites and the many more that are not reported. Dogs do talk to us but we have to watch and listen. 77% of dog bites are caused by the family dog or friends dog. If you can’t be watching your dog a 100% of the time, when around children or adults for that matter, remove the dog or people from the situation. As dog owners its our job to watch out for our dogs and teach kids and adults how to act and behave when in the company of our dogs or anyone else’s for that matter.

Dogs and Babies...Learning to Live Happily Ever After

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I prepared this slide for my Dogs and Babies – Play It Safe! class as a way to illustrate one reason why dog bites to children might seem to happen “out of the blue.”

Before thinking more closely about it, we tend to think that “Good Dogs” live on the left side of the continuum and “Bad Dogs” live to the right.  That’s because good dogs don’t bite children, do they?  Once you determine that you have a “Good Dog,” you tend to leave it at that and just go about your life with dog and baby.

What we forget to consider is that just like us, dogs have good days and…

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Eight year old boy in Hospital after being bitten by a dog, at Sunnynook Park in Auckland

Eight year old boy in Hospital after being bitten by a dog, at  Sunnynook Park in Auckland

Interestingly enough the dog was running around the park without a lead on, now this park has signs saying dogs must be leashed. Where was the owner, as there was no mention of the owner being present in the article.

Apparently the dog came up to the children, who were playing in the park and the boy tried to pat it and he got bitten on the face.

Dog Safety 101, you never approach a strange dog to pat it, as you never know what it may do, in other words leave the dog alone!

Having said that, Sunnynook Park is a public park and everyone has the right to enjoy their day out without the unwanted attention of an off leash dog.

Dog Owners need to wake-up, its not all about you and your dog! The Dog Control Act still applies, where ever you choose to take you dog, it must be under control at all times. Dog owners are required by law, to carry or have their dog leashed in a public place. As you are responsible for your dogs actions.

Click here to read Dog bite puts boy in hospital and When is a dog park not a dog park, when its a public park and Dogs off leash but not under control.





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