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Dog Killed in Day Care

Yesterday a dog was found dead in a Day care, the facility has been shut down and can not be named at the present time, as an investigation is underway.  Needless to say, the owners are devastated, their dog was attacked and killed by other dogs. To read the full story click here.

This is very sad and shouldn’t have happened. Boarding Kennels and Doggie Daycare’s. Have a responsibility to look after the dogs in their care.

If the dogs are run together, they should have someone physically present, “standing & watching”, while the dogs are being exercised. To watch out for signs of stress, distress, bullying, aggression etc.

Also small dogs and large dogs shouldn’t be run together, some dogs may see a small dog as prey, and try to kill it. Understanding dog behaviour and body language is a must. It only takes a moment for something bad to happen.

Before you board or send your dog to day care, check out the facility,  and take a few moments to read Boarding Kennel Stress in Dogs: What owners need to know!

Auckland dog daycare shuts down following death

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Dog attack in Rotorua last year, this could be you or your dog in this position, because of the lack of knowledge and basic common sense on the part of the child mother and friend they all got bitten.

I thought I would pick a reported Dog Attack from last year and break it down, without all the media hype and emotive comments.

Terrible though this is, this incident could have been avoided, whether the dog was registered or not, really doesn’t come into play, nor does the breed. This could happen with your dog because of the lack of knowledge and basic common sense, on the part of the child, mother and friend, they all got bitten.

Basic dog bite prevention/dog safety 101, “Never enter a garden/yard with a dog in it, to retrieve a ball or anything else, especially by climbing over the fence, the dog sees you as an intruder or a threat, always ask the owner, if the owner isn’t there, stay out” In other words you have lost your ball”!

Headlines read “Latest dog attack sparks warning”  Excerpt from the article:

“A dog attack in Rotorua that left three people injured is a reminder for canine owners and the public, says a Rotorua District Council Animal Control supervisor.

It is understood a boy jumped the fence of a neighbour’s Koutu property on Monday to retrieve a ball and was attacked by one of two unregistered dogs.

It was previously believed the dog which attacked the trio was registered. Police are investigating but as yet no charges have been laid.

The boy’s mother and her friend, both in their 20s, were also attacked when they went on to the property.”


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