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Kids, Dogs and the Holidays, Are you prepared?

Kids, Dogs and the Holidays, Are you prepared?

The Christmas holidays are nearly upon us, so are you prepared for Kids, Dogs and the Holidays?

Any gathering can be a cause for concern when dogs and kids are involved, it doesn’t just have to be around the holidays. 77% of dog bites are caused by the family dog or a friends dog. Statements such as “my dog wouldn’t hurt anyone” or “my dog is good around kids” really need to be taken with a grain of salt.

All dogs have the potential to harm, given the right situation and humans are no different, if backed into a corner. We can become verbal or physical, if necessary.  Dogs on the other hand, use body language to communicate their stress, distress, discomfort or they may even growl, then bite.

All too often people don’t see the potential dangers because they feel too secure and comfortable around dogs and are often oblivious to the potential dangers associated with inappropriate behaviour and not being aware.

Having a family gatherings or party, you can’t be watching both your dog and what is going on around you all the time, your dog needs a safe place to go where it won’t be bothered. Dogs can become very stressed and people can do stupid things.

Below is a very good graphic with tips and advice from Doggone Safe, these tips can be applied anytime, not just during the holidays. Also, take a look at, Dog Safety for all (not just kids), most dog bites are preventable!

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How does your dog cope with Christmas? Tips for Dog Owners and Parents on how to prevent dog bites

Christmas or anytime you have a large gathering of people can be a stressful time for your dog. You have to have your “Eyes Wide Open” all the time in other words you need to be aware of what’s going on around you, all the time. Dog bites are more likely to happen because there is a lot more activity going on, so what do you do to make sure everyone including your dog stays safe?  Below is a great info graphic from Doggone safe on Dog Bite Prevention. Please take time to read it.

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