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Should dog/puppy training classes cover more than just the basic commands & behaviours?

Should dog/puppy training classes cover more than just the basic commands & behaviours?

Training classes in many forms are run all over the country, should dog/puppy training classes cover more than just the basic commands & behaviours? I know some do,  I personally think all should, we, not just here in New Zealand but worldwide are seeing an increase in dog bites/attacks as well as certain behaviours. When an incident of an attack is reported by the media, one thing that is always mentioned is, the call for more education.

Although there are plenty of dog safety education programs and information out there for the public and dog owners alike, how much of that information is actually sort out by the general public or dog owners.

Unfortunately, in today’s society many people are too complacent when it comes to dogs, in other words, they feel too secure and comfortable in the company of dogs and are unaware or oblivious to the potential dangers. After all, dogs are faster than humans, they have teeth that can do a lot of damage, and in many cases are stronger. So forget for a minute I am talking about dogs, If I were talking about tigers, would people be so complacent?

In order to effect a change in people’s thinking, yes education is the key, it’s no harder than it was, to educate people to wear seat belts while in a vehicle or teaching people, to look both ways before crossing the road.

As a dog trainer/behaviorist ( we are educators) how many include information in the way of FAQ sheets as well as talking/showing, dog owners, you teach, the do’s and don’ts of dog safety (in other words how to act and behave when in the company of dogs). As well as giving them the lowdown on the dog control act.

So your clients have the tools to protect their dog and educate others, how to act and behave when in the company of their dog or anyone’s for that matter. 77% of dog bites are caused by the family dog or a friends dog.

We as dog trainers/behaviorist have the opportunity to make a difference and become part of the solution and turn the tide.

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Eight year old boy in Hospital after being bitten by a dog, at Sunnynook Park in Auckland

Eight year old boy in Hospital after being bitten by a dog, at  Sunnynook Park in Auckland

Interestingly enough the dog was running around the park without a lead on, now this park has signs saying dogs must be leashed. Where was the owner, as there was no mention of the owner being present in the article.

Apparently the dog came up to the children, who were playing in the park and the boy tried to pat it and he got bitten on the face.

Dog Safety 101, you never approach a strange dog to pat it, as you never know what it may do, in other words leave the dog alone!

Having said that, Sunnynook Park is a public park and everyone has the right to enjoy their day out without the unwanted attention of an off leash dog.

Dog Owners need to wake-up, its not all about you and your dog! The Dog Control Act still applies, where ever you choose to take you dog, it must be under control at all times. Dog owners are required by law, to carry or have their dog leashed in a public place. As you are responsible for your dogs actions.

Click here to read Dog bite puts boy in hospital and When is a dog park not a dog park, when its a public park and Dogs off leash but not under control.





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Dog attack in Rotorua last year, this could be you or your dog in this position, because of the lack of knowledge and basic common sense on the part of the child mother and friend they all got bitten.

I thought I would pick a reported Dog Attack from last year and break it down, without all the media hype and emotive comments.

Terrible though this is, this incident could have been avoided, whether the dog was registered or not, really doesn’t come into play, nor does the breed. This could happen with your dog because of the lack of knowledge and basic common sense, on the part of the child, mother and friend, they all got bitten.

Basic dog bite prevention/dog safety 101, “Never enter a garden/yard with a dog in it, to retrieve a ball or anything else, especially by climbing over the fence, the dog sees you as an intruder or a threat, always ask the owner, if the owner isn’t there, stay out” In other words you have lost your ball”!

Headlines read “Latest dog attack sparks warning”  Excerpt from the article:

“A dog attack in Rotorua that left three people injured is a reminder for canine owners and the public, says a Rotorua District Council Animal Control supervisor.

It is understood a boy jumped the fence of a neighbour’s Koutu property on Monday to retrieve a ball and was attacked by one of two unregistered dogs.

It was previously believed the dog which attacked the trio was registered. Police are investigating but as yet no charges have been laid.

The boy’s mother and her friend, both in their 20s, were also attacked when they went on to the property.”


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