How well do you supervise your dog when around kids and other people?


How well do you supervise your dog?

The other day New Zealand had its 1st reported dog attack for the year “Dogs attack women in Invercargill”  nothing to celebrate here.

While many owners are more aware of the dog safety risks, there are many more who are not. Calling for more education is a good start but lets face it, there are programs already out there such as school programs etc and the dog control act “owner responsibilities” information is readily available from councils, plus we all get a copy when we register our dogs but how many choose to read it, understand it or act upon it?

Dogs today are part of our lives, more so than ever before. We come it to contact with them on a daily basis we involve them in many aspects of our lives. They live in our homes, sleep on our beds and are generally part of the family. So its makes sense the risks increase, not so long ago dogs spent more time in their kennels and weren’t as social and they had jobs, today many dogs have lost the jobs, they were bred and born to do.

In my opinion dog safety education needs to be ramped up, its not just about kids & dogs, or responsible dog ownership, its about explaining what is expected from any dog owner and non dog owner, on how to act and behave when in the company of dogs. How to read a dogs body language, all dogs talk to you, if you chose to listen.

Whether it be in the home or away, its about correct socialization for both dogs and humans, its about keeping both dogs and humans safe, all too often people put dogs in situations they wouldn’t put themselves in, if the roles were reversed and expect them to behave.

People need to have their “Eyes Wide Open” and be aware of their surrounding and what is going on around them all the time. Unfortunately the word supervision for many these days, means casting a casual glance around, while doing something else, this is not effective supervision, things such as:

Talking and Texting on the phone

Chatting or having coffee, while your dog is left alone with kids or other adults, yes I said other adults, they also need to be know how to act and behave, when in the company of dogs.

Letting your dog off leash and not watching where its going or what its doing.

Having a family gatherings or party, you can’t be watching both your dog and what is going on around you all the time, your dog needs a safe place to go where it won’t be bothered. Dogs can become very stressed and people can do stupid things.

The list is endless,

Many dog bites/dog attacks can be avoided,  if people were more aware. Below is a great info graphic designed and published by Family Paws Parent Education on the 5 types of supervision.  Which one do you do the most?







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