Eight year old boy in Hospital after being bitten by a dog, at Sunnynook Park in Auckland

05 Feb
Eight year old boy in Hospital after being bitten by a dog, at  Sunnynook Park in Auckland

Interestingly enough the dog was running around the park without a lead on, now this park has signs saying dogs must be leashed. Where was the owner, as there was no mention of the owner being present in the article.

Apparently the dog came up to the children, who were playing in the park and the boy tried to pat it and he got bitten on the face.

Dog Safety 101, you never approach a strange dog to pat it, as you never know what it may do, in other words leave the dog alone!

Having said that, Sunnynook Park is a public park and everyone has the right to enjoy their day out without the unwanted attention of an off leash dog.

Dog Owners need to wake-up, its not all about you and your dog! The Dog Control Act still applies, where ever you choose to take you dog, it must be under control at all times. Dog owners are required by law, to carry or have their dog leashed in a public place. As you are responsible for your dogs actions.

Click here to read Dog bite puts boy in hospital and When is a dog park not a dog park, when its a public park and Dogs off leash but not under control.





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2 responses to “Eight year old boy in Hospital after being bitten by a dog, at Sunnynook Park in Auckland

  1. linda

    February 8, 2015 at 1:43 am

    Hi just wanted to say it would be prudent for a company like yourselves to actually endeavor to obtain all the facts. T he father was not at the park at all. The 1 year old dog was not roaming was leaded and with his owner. Other children were patting his head but one child came up from behind an grabbed his back an he very quickly turned an did indeed bite the boy. It is tragic for all concerned but for the dog to be desttoyed on tuesday I feel is unjust . All children an adults alike need to be educated on approaching an touching any animal. If they get a fright or are sore we know they may lash out with what can be horrible and sad endings.

    • Zerobites Dog Training

      February 8, 2015 at 9:17 am

      Hi Linda, Thank you for your information regarding this dog attack. If what you say is true, surely written witness statements can be sought and a lawyer engaged. Have the dog owners gone to the press or have you? So the press can hear the other side of the story? In other words has this information been made public? I have to ask one question though, Why did the dog owner let the children, pat the dog, as a dog owner myself, I would be very wary of a group of children wanting to pat my dogs and patting any dog on the head is a real no, no. Especially, if no adults were present supervising the kids. As children can be very unpredictable and erratic plus it is very hard to watch what they are doing, especially if there is a group of them.
      As a dog owner, you have to stand up and protect your dog, all too often dogs are put in situations, we would not put ourselves in, if the roles were reversed and we expect them to behave. I agree all people, including children, dog owners and non dog owners alike should be educated on how to behave and act, when in the company of dogs.


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