Does your dog only listen to you when in obedience class or when you are at home?

26 Nov
Does your dog only listen to you when in obedience class or when you are at home?

I hear this alot, “My dog doesn’t listen to me at home but is really good at obedience class or the other comment I often hear is “My dog is really good at home but won’t listen to me when we go out”.

Dogs are like children, they are very quick to learn when and where some rules apply, in other words they associate different places with different rules or different people with different rules. For example: Your friend loves your dog and when you go to visit him/her, your friend lets your dog sit on the couch, your dog isn’t allowed to sit on the couch at home. So what does your dog do, everytime you and your dog visit your friend? Thats right, sits on the couch.

To get your dog to listen and behave in every situation, most dogs have to be taught in different situations & locations, its called proofing. This can take time, especially if there isn’t enough practice done at home or when you are out and about, you need to practice with your dog everyday, dog training is for life.

I often hear “I have been really busy this week and I haven’t had time to train” or The weather hasn’t been great so we haven’t been able to go out”.There are a lot of fun things you can do with your dog at home, even if the weather isnt the best or you have had a busy day at work. You can get your dog to sit for its meals you can play nose games, hide and seek just to name a few, all teach your dog to focus, listen & achieve and have some fun at the same time.

Below is a very good article and a must read titled: “My dog listens in obedience class but not at home”

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