With another recent spate of reported dog attacks in New Zealand, dog safety-dog, bite prevention education is needed more than ever.

27 Oct
With another recent spate of reported dog attacks in New Zealand, dog safety-dog, bite prevention education is needed more than ever.

With another recent spate of reported dog attacks in New Zealnd,I think its a timely reminder that more education in this area, is needed. Of course many more incidents go unreported.

Children under the age of 12yrs are the main victims of dog bites. Prevention through education is the key.

Maybe its time that dog bite prevention/dog safety education segments are introduced into puppy & obedience classes. As well as more education through the school system. Parents & Caregivers, also need to know just supervising dogs and kids together isn’t enough. They need to understand more about dog behaviour and be able to educate the children in their care, how to act around dogs. Whether they have a dog or not.

While, irresponsible dog ownership can shoulder some of the blame, I believe more education is needed in many areas. Many dog owners, are not well informed on such things, as Dog Bite Prevention, Dog Control Act, Dog behaviour-understanding, how dogs communicate with each other and with us. I cover the above topics and more with my clients, whether it be in class or privately.

I personally think its time for more clubs and trainers, who run training classes and the like, to do more, than just teach basic obedience and behaviour, to clients. Segments or FAQ sheets on some of the above mentioned issues, would not go astray.

In fact all adults whether they are dog owners are not need to know the basics on how to act around dogs. I hope the link below helps to inform and educate.

Here is a link to another very good article from Lola the Pitty

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